Wild Turkey Science Podcast

I was recently contacted by Dr. Marcus Lashley and Dr. Will Gulsby, two professors of wildlife management who started the podcast Wild Turkey Science. I jumped at the chance to join them and talk about my dissertation work. We recorded last week and the episode was released this week.

Wild Turkey Science Podcast

I did have some minor nerves going into this… it’s one thing to give a public lecture but another to remember details from 20 years ago in front of two faculty members. It’s not too far from a real life nightmare of waking up and forgetting that your dissertation defense is going that day! Everything was fine though and it was fun to hear their enthusiasm for my work. I’m still surprised that here isn’t really been any follow up to my project in other populations but maybe this podcast will help spur someone to do just that.

New Section: Popular Science

I’ve added a new section under the Resources tab: Popular Science. I get questions about the kinds of things I look at, or just generally where to turn for popular science information. I’ll start to collect links on this page. Right now the breakdown will be:

  • Magazines
  • Blogs and Websites
  • Video
  • Radio/Podcast
  • Humor and Other

This is still a work in progress, so I will periodically add more content. Check back from time to time, and if there’s something missing or you want to provide an endorsement let me know!