Teaching & Mentoring

My own interest in science is due in large part to the inspirational teachers I had throughout the years, as well as the good fortune to participate in a wide range of research projects in high school and college. I am grateful to be able to provide similar opportunities to students. I have led several classes in animal behavior and ecology, and have ensured rich and meaningful experiences through use of exciting media, hands-on inquiry-based activities, and interaction with professional scientists.

I have a strong commitment to supporting diversity in the sciences. As an instructor, I make sure that assigned readings and in-class examples reflect female scientists and scientists of color. In lecture, I also include short videos of scientists from different backgrounds describing their research in their own words, so my students see more faces than just mine advocating for the field.

I have incorporated a strong mentorship component into my own research. Many current students and recent undergraduates have conducted a variety of field and laboratory-based projects with me. More than 10 undergraduates are co-authors on publications with me.

Teaching Experience: (bold denotes Full Instructor)

University of California Davis

  • Fall 2018: Instructor, EVE 100 Intro to Evolution
  • Spring 2017: Instructor, EVE 100 Intro to Evolution
  • Winter 2017: Instructor, EVE 100 Intro to Evolution
  • Winter 2016: Instructor, WFC 141 Behavioral Ecology
  • Fall 2013: Instructor, EVE 100 Intro to Evolution
  • Summer 2013: Instructor, NPB 102 Animal Behavior
  • Fall 2012: Instructor, EVE 100 Intro to Evolution
  • Co-Instructor, Animal Behavior Graduate Core Course, Spring 2007-16
  • Guest Lecture, Animal Communication Course, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011
  • Guest Lecture, Freshman Seminar, 2009
  • Guest Lecture, Behavioral Ecology, 2008, 2010
  • Guest Lecture, Animal Behavior Course, Summer 2006

University of California Berkeley

  • Instructor- IB 144/ESPM C126 Animal Behavior
  • Course Coordinator- Research Reviews in Animal Behavior, 2004-2005
  • Grader/Organizational TA, Behavioral Ecology (2005)
  • Head TA/Course Coordinator, Animal Behavior (2002, 2003)
  • Lab TA, Mammalogy, 2001
  • Co-Leader, Field Ecology Section, Intro. Bio, 1998-1999
  • TA, Intro Bio, 2000, 2004


Supervising  and Training of Field Assistants

  • Field leader, White-crowned Sparrow Migration Study, Toolik Field Station, Alaska, 2014
  • Tree Swallow Dispersal Study, Cornell University, 1997 (3 undergraduates)
  • Dissertation Research, UC Berkeley 1998-2005 (2 undergraduates, 6 post-graduates)
  • Sage-grouse research, UC Davis (>40 post-graduates)

Supervising and Training of Lab Assistants

  • Zebra Finch Study, Cornell University, 1997-1998 (3 undergraduates)
  • Dissertation Research, UC Berkeley, 1998-2005 (3 undergraduates)
  • Postdoctoral Research, UC Davis, 2006-present (>300 undergraduates), under my coordination, lab received 2012 UC Davis Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Mentorship of Undergraduate Research (to PI Gail Patricelli), and in 2016 a graduate student award in mentorship to Anna Perry.

Supervising and Training of Teaching Assistants

  • Introduction to Evolution, UC Davis (2 graduate TA’s, 2 graders per quarter)
  • Introductory Biology, including Field Ecology Section, UC Berkeley (10 undergraduate TA’s)
  • Animal Behavior course (instructor and TA), UC Berkeley (6 graduate TA’s and 1 undergraduate TA)
  • Behavioral Ecology Course, UC Berkeley (developed peer mentoring system with 2  undergrad TA’s)

Workshops and Training

  • Entering Mentoring: quarter-long HHMI/UCD Biology Undergraduate Scholars Program workshop.
  • UC Davis Office of Research Laboratory Management Institute Fellowship

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