My sage-grouse photo on the cover of J Exp Bio issue with our paper

My sage-grouse photo on the cover of J Exp Bio issue with our paper

Here you’ll find a list of my publications. I will update these with links and when possible .pdfs. Links to the journal websites may be preferable as they will likely allow one to download the citation into your reference manager of choice (e.g. Endnote). However, journals may require access through a university library. I wish I could afford to publish entirely in open-access journals, but unfortunately the main journals in the field are not open access.

Please feel free to email me if you’d like a .pdf of any of these.  Some may be available on my ResearchGate profile or Google Scholar profile.


Journal Articles In Press/Published:

* Denotes undergraduate or post-graduate at time of participation.

29. Fremgen, M. et al. (2021). Assessing accuracy of GAP and LANDFIRE land cover datasets in winter habitat used by greater sage-grouse in Idaho and Wyoming, USA. Journal of Environmental Management. [link]

28. Perry, AC et al., (2019). Hidden Markov Models Reveal Tactical Adjustment of Temporally Clustered Courtship Displays in Response to the Behaviors of a Robotic Female. American Naturalist 194: 1-12. [link to journal]

27. Forbey, J. et al.*, (2017). Emerging technology to measure habitat quality and behavior of grouse: examples from studies of Greater Sage-grouse. Wildlife Biology 1, wlb.00238. [link to journal]

26. Rios-Chelen et al.* (2017). Do birds vocalize at higher pitch in noise, or is it a matter of measurement? Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology. 71: 1-12. [link to journal]

25. Fregmen et al.* (2017). Necklace-style radio-transmitters are associated with changes in display vocalizations of male Greater Sage-Grouse. Wildlife Biology 1, wlb00236. [link to journal]

24. Patricelli, G.L., Krakauer, A.H., and Taff, C.C. (2016). Variable signals in a complex World: Shifting views of within-individual variability in sexual display traits. Advances in the Study of Behavior. 48: 319-386. [Online Early]

23. Krakauer, A.H., et al.* (2016). Successfully-mating male sage-grouse show greater laterality in courtship and aggressive interactions. Animal Behaviour. 111: 261-267. * includes 4 co-authors who were undergraduates) [link to journal]

22. Koch, R.B*., Krakauer A.H., and Patricelli, G.L. (2015). Investigating female mate choice for mechanical sounds in the male Greater Sage-grouse. The Auk: Ornithological Advances.132: 349-358. [link to journal]

21. Diaz-Muñoz, S. et al. (2014). Cooperating to compete: altruism, sexual selection, and causes of male reproductive cooperation. Animal Behavior 88: 67-78.[OPEN ACCESS- link to journal]

20. Pellis, S. et al., (2013). Drawn into the vortex: The facing-past encounter and combat in lekking male greater sage-grouse (Centrocercus urophasianus). Behaviour 150: 1567-1599.

19. Benedict, L. and A. H. Krakauer. (2013). Kiwis to pewees: the value of studying bird calls. Ibis 155: 225-228.

18. Nonne, D., et al. (2013). Effects of radio collars on male sage-grouse survival and lekking behavior. Condor 115: 769-776.

17. Blickley, J.L., et al. (2012). The effects of experimental exposure to chronic noise on fecal corticosteroid metabolites in the lekking male greater sage-grouse. PLoS One. [OPEN ACCESS- link to journal]

16. Krakauer, A.H., Webster, M.S., DuVal, E.H., Jones, A.G., and Shuster, S.M. (2011). The opportunity for selection: not mismeasured, just misunderstood. Journal of Evolutionary Biology. 24: 2064-2071. [link to journal]

15. Blumstein, D.T. et al. (2011). Acoustic monitoring in terrestrial environments: applications, technological considerations, and prospectus. Journal of Applied Ecology. 48: 758-767.(Editor’s Choice Commentary) [Link to journal]

14. Patricelli, G.L., Krakauer, A.H., and McElreath, R. (2011). Assets and tactics in a mating market: economic models of negotiation offer insights into animal courtship dynamics. Current Zoology 57: 225-236. [link to journal]

13. Patricelli, G.L. & A.H. Krakauer. (2010) . Tactical allocation of display effort reduces trade-offs among multiple sexual signals in greater sage-grouse: an experiment with a robotic female. Behavioral Ecology 21:97-106.[ Link to Journal ]

12. Krakauer, A.H., Tyrrell, M*., Lehmann, K*., Losin, N*., Goller, F., and Patricelli, G.L. (2009). Vocal and anatomical evidence for a two-voiced system in the greater sage-grouse (Centrocercus urophasianus). J. Experimental Biology 212: 3719-3727. [Link to Journal].

11. Koenig,W.D., Krakauer, A.H.,  Monahan, W.B., Haydock, J., Knops, J.M.H., and W. J. Carmen. (2009). Mast-producing trees and the geographical Ecology of Western Scrub Jays. Ecography. 32: 561-570.[link to journal]

10. Krakauer, A.H. and R.T.Kimball. (2009). Interspecific brood parasitism in galliform birds. Ibis 151 373-381. [link to journal]

9. Krakauer, A.H. (2008). Sexual selection and the genetic mating system of Wild Turkeys. Condor 110(1): 1-12. [link to journal]

8. Kuchta, S., Krakauer, A.H., and Sinervo, B. (2008). Why should the Yellow-eyed Salamander have yellow eyes? Batesian mimicry of Pacific newts (genus Taricha) by the salamander Ensatina eschscholtzii xanthoptica. Evolution 62(4): 984-990. [link to journal]

7. Krakauer, A.H. (2005). Kin selection and cooperative courtship in wild turkeys. Nature 434: 69-72. [link to journal]

Supplementary Tables. Please note typo in paper: equation in table 1 should read rB – C > 0

6. Krakauer, A.H. (2003). California Quail lays egg in Wild Turkey nest. Western Birds 34: 169-170.

5. Adkins-Regan, E. and Krakauer, A.* (2000). Removal of adult males from the rearing environment increases preference for same sex partners in the zebra finch (Taeniopygia guttata). Animal Behaviour, 60: 47-53.[link to journal]

4. Walcott, C., Evers, D., Froehler, M*, and Krakauer, A.* (1999). Individuality in “Yodel” calls recorded from a banded population of Common Loons (Gavia immer). Bioacoustics, 10: 101-114.

3. Krakauer, A.H.*and Krakauer, T.H. (1999). Foraging of Yellow-headed Caracaras in the fur of a three-toed sloth. Journal of Raptor Research 33: 270.

2. Tauber, C.A. and Krakauer, A.H.* (1997). Larval characterisitcs and generic placement of endemic Hawaiian Hemerobiids (Neuroptera). Pacific Science, 51: 413-423.

1.  Krakauer, A.H.* and Tauber, C.A. (1996). Larvae of Micromus, generic characteristics and a description of Micromus subanticus (Neuroptera: Hemerobiidae). Annals of the Entomological Society of America, 89: 203-211.

Book Chapters

4. Krakauer, A.H. 2018. Spandrels. in Shackelford T., Weekes-Shackelford V. (eds) Encyclopedia of Evolutionary Psychological Science. Springer, Cham. [link]

3. Krakauer, A.H. 2018. Disruptive Selection. in Shackelford T., Weekes-Shackelford V. (eds) Encyclopedia of Evolutionary Psychological Science. Springer, Cham. [link]

2. Krakauer, A.H. and DuVal, E.H. 2011. Kin Selection and Cooperative Courtship in Birds. Pp. 230-247 in (C. Salmon and T. Shackleford, eds). Oxford Handbook of Evolutionary Family Psychology. Oxford University Press. [Link to page] [email me for a .pdf]

1. Koenig, W.D., Shen, S-F., Krakauer, A.H., and Haydock, J. 2009. Reproductive skew in avian societies. Pp. 227-264 in (R. Hager, and C.B. Jones, eds) Reproductive Skew in Vertebrates: Proximate and Ultimate Causes, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. [link to Amazon page]. [Email me for a .pdf]

Non-Peer Reviewed Reports

Krakauer et al*. (2016). Use of camera traps to record activity on sage-grouse leks. Grouse News number 52: 19-23.

Forbey et al*. (2016) Overview of a workshop to expand the use of emerging technology to understand the ecology of grouse in a changing climate. Grouse News number 52. 7-18

Popular Press Writings

Krakauer A.H. 2021. Birds for Breakfast. Golden Gate Audubon Society Blog. [link]

Krakauer, A.H. 2020. The Secret Lives of Turkeys. Golden Gate Audubon Society Blog. [link].

Krakauer, A.H. 2020. Why I’m Partnering with GGAS. Golden gate Audubon Society Blog. [link].

Krakauer, A.H. 2020. Wildcat Canyon Regional Park: Birding Hotspot. The Gull (Golden Gate Audubon Society). 104 (4): 3 [link]

Krakauer, A.H. 2020. How I came to love owls even more. Golden Gate Audubon Society Blog. [link].

Krakauer, A.H. 2020. When birds are more than a hobby. Golden Gate Audubon Society Blog. [link]

Krakauer, A.H. 2015. Brotherly Love: The History and Breeding Behavior of Wild Turkeys in California. The Quail (Mount Diablo Audubon Society) Volume 61 Number 3. [Link]

Krakauer, A.H. 2014. Guest Blog: The Ethogram. [Link]

Krakauer, A.H. 2013. Guest Blog, Golden Gate Audubon Society. [Link]

Krakauer, A.H. 2012. Greater Sage-grouse. The Quail (Mount Diablo Audubon Society) Volume 58 Number 2. [Link]

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