Now on Twitter!

I’ve finally joined Twitter! I’m looking forward to seeing what I’ve been missing in the twitter world, and hopefully taking advantage of some of the benefits of twitter membership. I was considering joining for a long time. What finally tipped me over the edge was a Condé Nast Traveler article someone sent me describing how someone was able to recover their lost luggage just by tweeting the airlines.

At this time, I see this as being a hybrid account where I can share professional updates and other scientific happenings, as well as items of personal interest. We’ll see how that goes, as up to this point I have not been a particularly high-volume producer of content either professionally here on my blog or personally on private my private social media accounts.

Boringly enough, my twitter handle is @alan_krakauer

Feel free to share any advice for twitter novices, either academic or otherwise. Or I guess just tweet ‘em to me!


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